Anser Aftab

Anser is regarded as one of the best debaters in the world. He was the winner of EUDC Manchester 2013, and was a WUDC finalist in Botswana. He has won the Oxford IV and the Yale IV. He is a PhD candidate at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University.

Madeline Schultz

Madeline is a DCA of the upcoming WUDC 2015 in Malaysia; and has been a Worlds top-ten speaker and semi-finalist. Madeline is a prominent debater and adjudicator from the Austral-Asian circuit, and has also recently DCA-ed the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships, after winning it in 2012.

Michael Shapira

Michael is a hugely experienced CA and motion setter. He is the Chief Adjudicator for Vienna EUDC 2015, and was DCA of Chennai WUDC. He was ESL Champion of Botswana WUDC and has CAed a huge number of tournaments internationally, including the BBU Open, the Vienna IV and the Red Sea Open. He is also the head of the Israeli Delegation to Romania 2014.

Sally Rooney

Sally was the top speaker at EUDC 2013, at which she also broke first and reached the finals. She won the International Mace the same year. Among other competitions, Sally has CA'd the UK Debate Challenge 2013, the Trinity IV 2014, and is the prospective CA of Cork EUDC 2016.


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