Welcome to The Mendely Cambridge Inter-Varsity - 21st-22nd November 2014

The Cambridge IV is one of the largest and most prestigious debating events on the calendar, and we are extremely grateful to Mendeley who are kindly sponsoring the IV this year. Hosted and run by the Cambridge Union Society, the IV attracts some of the best teams from universities all over the world. The next edition of the competition will be held on the 21st-22nd November 2014. Over three hundred students will be attending and we hope you'll be one of them.

The Cambridge Union dates from 1815, and has a long history of hosting Presidents, Prime Ministers, Statesmen, Celebrities and Sports Stars. The Unions weekly debates serve to engage and to challenge presumptions and prejudices. The finals of the Cambridge IV are hosted in the Union's famous chamber.

For more information about the IV, including schedules and registration information, take a look at the page navigation bar below.


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